Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision.

The Mission of the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio is to provide FREE FURNITURE to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with POVERTY and other severe life challenges.

Our Vision is for ALL central Ohio families to live in furnished homes, thereby relieving suffering, strengthening family units, improving quality of life and building a better community. Community collaborations and resource sharing make this possible on an ongoing basis.


In 1998, Jeff Hay founded the Furniture Bank as Material Assistance Providers. Over the years, and under the current leadership of Jim Stein, the Furniture Bank has grown to become a collaborative community project. FBCO has increased furniture donation volume via aggressive community awareness campaigns and directed marketing efforts, strengthened the quality and consistency of its service to families in need and the agencies who refer them, and increased its facility space by moving to a permanent facility in Franklinton (just west of downtown Columbus).

With a dedicated paid and volunteer staff in place, and with the guidance of its Board of Directors, the Furniture Bank has grown from the humble beginnings in 1998 of serving only a few hundred families per year, to serving a projected 4,200 families in 2011. It is now the second largest furniture bank in the nation.

Moving into 2010 with a new name, new branding, new website and new ideas, the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio continues to grow forward, increase community collaboration and increase self-sustainability in pursuit of its simple mission and long-term vision of seeing EVERY family in central Ohio living in a properly-furnished home.

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