The Families We Serve

Families and individuals who are  financially unable  to afford their own furniture (even used) are the clients we serve.
  • 82%   report annual household earnings of   less than $12,000
  • 98%   report annual household earnings of   **less than $24,000**
  • Nearly  25%  are previously homeless / escaping homelessness
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12-month summary of
Client Service statistics
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They are currently or were recently  unemployed
(or under-employed)
, and/or they have employment
challenges created by one or more of these situations:
  • Single parent household with child(ren)
  • Physical disability or disease
  • Mental disability or disease
  • Criminal record or prior incarceration
  • History of substance abuse
  • Minimal job skills or training, or no longer able to work
    due to age
Other  life challenges  with significant financial and
emotional impact on our clients include:
  • Recent relocation or immigration
  • Death or divorce in the family unit
  • Domestic violence or abuse
  • Eviction
  • Fire
  • Robbery
  • Providing financial support for extended family