Did You Know?

FREE pickup is available for donated furniture within a 16-mile radius for residential donations; within 3 hrs for commercial pickups.

85% of our clients make less than $12k annually and 98% make less than $24k.

62% of donation value to the Furniture Bank is furniture donations, and 38% is financial donations.

$275 per family provides 13-15 pieces of furniture for a family.

The Furniture Bank staff picks up furniture within 1 week of your call. Families receive 94-96% of the items they need.

Top Reasons our Clients Need Furniture

  1. Previously Homeless
  2. Destitute while raising children
  3. Unemployment
  4. Mental Disability
  5. Refugee/Immigrant
  6. Physical Disability

The Furniture Bank has nearly 50 year-round Referring Agency partners.

The Furniture Bank helped 4,110 families in 2013; this was 12,772 individuals; 6,869 were children.

The Furniture Bank distributed 57,818 pieces of furniture to families in need in 2013.

The Furniture Bank distributed an average of 14.0 pieces of furniture per family in 2013. This filled 94% of their "essential" furniture needs, and 90% overall.

5 ways to volunteer: Client Showroom, Office Assistance, Furniture-building, Special Events, and Spread the Word to your friends and family to call the Furniture Bank.

The Furniture Bank receives $$ and In Kind Donations from individuals, corporations, referring agency service income, grants, and city and county government.

Donations to the Furniture Bank in calendar 2013: 57,008 furniture items were picked up for free from residences & commercial organizations. Volunteers made 7,555 pieces of wooden furniture, including tables, dressers and twin bed frames.

Donations to the Furniture Bank in calendar 2013: 8,100 central Ohio residents donated 34,582 pieces of furniture.

Donations to the Furniture Bank in calendar 2013: Commercial and institutional furniture pickups served 1,062 families.

During calendar 2013, the Furniture Bank kept 35,000 cubic yards of furniture from reaching landfills - that is 334 semi trailers. SWACO: 1.5 weeks of landfill space.

The annual Big Hearts For Empty Houses event sponsored by Big Lots raised more than $1,200,000 in 2013.

Online furniture auctions held monthly raised over $120,000 in 2013 to help cover the costs of Free Pickup.

Top suburbs donating furniture: Worthington, Upper Arlington, Westerville, Dublin and Bexley. Schedule your FREE PICKUP today and help your suburb join this list!

Calendar 2013: 100% of donor dollars went to program expenses with fundraising and administrative expenses paid by fees for service and earned income (client referral fees, furniture delivery fees, online furniture auctions).